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 Brochures and Handouts
  • Say No! To the United Nations and Global Governance of the United States
  • Say No! To redistribution of YOUR Wealth!
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  • Why was Obama's first Executive Order #13489- to seal his own records?
  • Do executive orders over rule the Constitution of the United States?
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  • Do you know that the Federal Reserve is NOT a Government Entity?
  • Manipulates the monetary system-like a game of monopoly!
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 What is Agenda 21?
 Please click to download, print and use the Brochures and Handouts! 

 Leave them on counters in: Laundry mats, Dr. and Dentist Offices, Nail salons, Barber shops, and on Bulletin boards~ any place where there are people!

 Tri-fold Brochures designed to use very little ink and to be rather unobtrusive, in hopes that they will attract a curious reader!

What is an Executive Order?
What is the Federal Reserve?
 More brochures coming soon!